How to study at Northeastern University in the USA

How To study at Northeastern University in the USA
How To study at Northeastern University in the USA

One of the concerns of those thinking about doing a postgraduate degree abroad is entering the job market, which can be more difficult for foreign students. This process can be facilitated by university initiatives, as is done at Northeastern University, in the United States . The institution, which is among the top 60 universities in the USA, offers a teaching method that integrates studies and experiential learning , which can be a valuable help for international students.

The university encourages students to carry out projects and work through the Cooperative Education (Co-Op) program, which offers opportunities for students to work in North American companies and gain greater professional experience during the course period. Find out more below:

Co-Op combines studies and work

In the apprenticeship program, students alternate semesters of academic study with periods of full-time work, which allows them to explore career plans , make valuable connections , broaden perspectives and incorporate skills and knowledge necessary for professional success.

After completing one academic year, the student can now participate in the Co-Op. To help students through the process, Northeastern has a department that offers complete support and consultancy . This entire structure guaranteed the university the first position in rankings of the best universities in the USA for Co-Op (US News and World Report Ranking, 2024).

Vacancies are generally for full-time work, and the duration can be from 4 to 6 months. In addition to experience, work allows students to supplement their income , as most opportunities are paid. One of the great advantages of this model is that students leave university with a baggage practical knowledge that goes far beyond the traditional internship model offered by other universities, which is welcomed by recruiters looking for new professionals.

Northeastern University’s main campus is located in central Boston , home to nine colleges. But the university also offers master’s programs on regional campuses in Portland (Maine), Arlington, Oakland, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Vancouver and Toronto (Canada) and London (England). And the university has something new: the new campus, in Miami , is already accepting enrollments for September 2024. And there’s more: all students admitted to this campus automatically receive scholarships of up to 30% !

The range of courses is varied, including programs in the areas of law, business, engineering, international relations, social sciences, science, computer science and IT. See the links for master ‘s programs and doctorate.

How to Apply to Northeastern University

Northeastern is a highly internationalized institution – more than 20,000 international students and scholars from 147 different countries study at the university. The application process varies depending on the program chosen, but the requirements below apply to all international applicants:

You can learn more about the application process here. In addition, there are several scholarship and funding opportunities for selected candidates. Find out more here.

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