USA offers full scholarships with monthly assistance for professional development

USA offers full scholarships with monthly assistance for professional development
USA offers full scholarships with monthly assistance for professional development

Applications for the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship are now open from the Fulbright Commission, US government scholarships that offer one year of professional development, with everything paid. People who work in the public sector or third sector can apply for the opportunity. Registration is open until May 31st.

The program lasts 10 months and includes professional training at a university in the United States. According to the notice, fellows are selected based on “leadership potential and commitment to public service both as employees and in the 3rd sector”.

During the program, selected candidates will be allocated according to their area of ​​interest to one of the program’s 13 partner universities – including MIT, Cornell, Boston and Pennsylvania State University. The program, which is now open for registration, will begin in August/September 2025 and will end in May/June 2026.

The benefits of the scholarship, according to the notice, include exemption from program fees and monthly fees, a monthly subsistence stipend, subsidy for round-trip travel to the United States, health plan, purchase of computers and books. In addition, fellows also receive an intensive English course to gain a higher level of proficiency.

Who can apply?

According to the Fulbright Brasil website, the prerequisites for applying for US government scholarships are:

  • Have Brazilian nationality and do not have North American nationality
  • Graduate from a course lasting four years or more
  • Have at least five years of full-time professional experience, by August 2024 after completing your degree
  • Be proficient in English by MANDATORY submitting the English Language Assessment Form (can be done on the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship)
  • Have not studied a year or more at a North American university in the last seven years (until August 2025)
  • Have no experience of more than six months in the US in the last five years (until August 2025)

In the 2025/2026 edition, the areas eligible for Brazilian candidates are as follows:

Human and Institutional Development

  • Analysis of Public Policies and Public Administration
  • Public Policies and Technology Management

Rights and Freedoms

  • Communication and Journalism
  • Law and Human Rights

Community Strengthening

  • Public Health Policies and Management
  • Administration, Treatment and Prevention of Substance Abuse

Sustainable development

  • Agricultural and Rural Development
  • Management of Natural Resources and the Environment; Climate Change and Environmental Policies
  • Urban and Regional Planning

How to Apply for US Government Scholarships

Registration is done online by filling out a form and sending documents, such as:

  • When filling out forms, it’s often required to include a copy of the initial three pages of the passport
  • CV with a maximum of 3 pages
  • Two letters of recommendation , one of which must be from the candidate’s immediate supervisor in their current position
  • Diploma and academic record
  • An essay answering the four questions mentioned in the online application form
  • A 30-second video in English explaining “how does the candidate’s Program Plan for the proposed field fit into the Program?

The link to send the video will be made available on the scholarship website. You can check the notice here with details of documentation and benefits, and here the step-by-step guide to submitting the application on the online platform. Registration must be made by May 31st.

A national committee will evaluate the candidates and send recommendations to the international committee. Throughout August, interviews will be carried out via telephone or Skype, and the chosen candidates will be announced in September 2024.

The HHHumphrey Program is the only Fulbright scholarship aimed at professionals and, over 40 years, it has benefited more than 5 thousand professionals from 159 countries. For more information about the program and its alumni, visit the official website.

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