Boston University offers full scholarships of up to R$307,000

Boston University offers full scholarships of up to R$307,000
Boston University offers full scholarships of up to R$307,000

The century-old Boston University (BU) is offering 20 full scholarships to students from within and outside the United States who wish to pursue one of the institution’s undergraduate programs . International students can participate in two of the scholarship programs offered by the university, the Trustee Scholarship and the Presidential Scholarship.

The Trustee Scholarship is a program that offers a 100% waiver of the Boston University graduation cost, which is $63,798. All scholarship programs at the institution are based on academic merit. According to the university’s website, ” Trustee Scholars must be intellectually and creatively adventurous.” The Presidential Scholarship program offers partial scholarships of $25,000 (about R$120,000).

How Boston University Full Scholarships Work

The Trustee Scholarship grant covers all tuition and fees during the four undergraduate years. The selection criteria are based on academic merit, academic record and evaluation of a specific essay for the applicant. Check here all the courses offered by BU.

How to apply

To apply for one of the 20 Trustee Scholarships , you must apply for one of the undergraduate programs’ normal admissions process. In addition, the program requests the submission of a specific essay for the scholarship, which must be attached to the application form. About this essay , the university requests.

For registration, it is necessary to send the documents in the original language and accompanied by a certified translation in English:

  • Application form
  • High School Certificates and Documents ( at this link , the university offers a page on specific credentials for each country)
  • The Grades from the final year of high school
  • School Counselor Recommendation and School Report Form
  • Teacher Assessment/Referral
  • English Proficiency Test Results (Accepted: 120-130 on Duolingo English Test, 90-100 on TOEFL, 7 on IELTS)
  • Financial Support Documentation ( this document explains the details of the financial support required)
  • Copy of passport page
  • Standardized Tests (Optional) – if you wish to submit, the university indicates scores of 3087 on the SAT and 1794 on the ACT

For students who do not reach the minimum scores on the proficiency test, Boston University explains that it is possible to be admitted, however, it will be necessary to reach the minimum score before the start of classes. For these cases, the institution offers a Center for Guidance and English Language Programs at BU (CELOP) where it is possible to improve the language.

Check out more information about Trustee Scholarships at this link . Interested parties must register by December 1st through this link .

Partial grants

For international students, in addition to full scholarships, Boston University offers the Presidential Scholarship . The grant is $25,000 and is renewable for up to four years of undergraduate study. In order to compete, candidates are required to demonstrate “excellence that extends beyond the confines of the classroom” and exhibit their role as “leaders within their schools and communities.”

To apply, it is not necessary to submit an additional essay or application form. Anyone wishing to compete must apply in the normal registration form by December 1st . Check out more information about the Presidential Scholarship at this link .

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